Events of Celebrating IAU 100th Anniversary:

Share the Sky, Using Handmade Telescopes
Date & Time Sat. Jan. 12, 2019 (IAU 100 Hour Event!)
Venue Iwate Community Center
Address & City 18-1 Mamakitanomachi, Takatsuki
Organizers, Contact Person Sidewalk Astronomers, Keiko Chaki
Brief Description Telescope making workshop for children will be held and we will have a star -gazing party with those handmade telescopes.

We suppout for Star Week by National Astronomical Observatory in Japan

We bring telescopes to schools and sidewalks to show children and passers-by major features of the sky and introduce astronomy to general public. We are volunteer group with hopes that many childen and their parents and general people think about universe, planets, astronomy and our own planet, the earth. through the observation, games, meetings and lectures.
More than 30,000 people have participated and we saw many smiles on their faces. Some are surprised and others are impressed.

Sky of this month (Japanese)
Moon Calendar of this month
About Mars (Mars Index in Japanese)
How is Pluto different from the planets?(Japanese)

Some of the participants' comments

  Hiyoshidai Elementary School (English)
  Gunge Elementary School
メモパッド  Shirakawa General Study Program
  Kaiyukan & Market place
メモパッド   Nyoze Community Center
メモパッド  Kawanishi Elementary School
メモパッド  Tamagawa Welfare Committee
メモパッド  Imashirozuka Community Center
メモパッド  Takenouchi Elementary School
メモパッド  Nanpeidai Elementary School
メモパッド  Tsunoe Ground
メモパッド  Sakuradai Elementary School
メモパッド  Hiyoshidai Sanban-cho Children Association
メモパッド  Tamagawa Community Center
メモパッド  Telescope Making (fully hand-made)     

Makita Community Center  
350 participants
The sky was completely clear with no clouds after typhoon. So many people enjoyed this time.
Takatsuki Boy Scout in Inagawa-cho Hyogo Pref.
50 participants
We catered the star party to their campsite (for free of course)
It was a cloudy day and it rained before the beginning but later we could see some part of the sky while they had lecture and show some major objects.
Nyoze Sky Study
Unfortunately it poured and we had games and lectures.
In spite of such weather and such a long time for no shorter than three hours, all the children lasted their attention and concentration and enjoyed very much.
Questionnaire Replies
How to make telescope Easy and cheep telescope making
Kaiyukan and Market Place in Osaka
This is now one of the customs of our events.
The weather was not good enough many passers-by dropped by.
We did some presentation as the cloudy alternatives
Report by Mr Formalhaut
Toyonaka Star Party in Nose We supported the party.
Tamagawa Community Center  Report
Tsunoe Elementary School
300 people participated and enjoyed making telescopes and watching some objects especially the moon through their own telescopes..
Nyoze Elementary School Observation
100 people joined.
「Osaka King」 We support the planetarium show of Osaka King held by Mainichi Broadcasting Company.
Ibaraki Shirakawa Elementary School
200 participants
Nyoze Community Center Lecture and Astronomy Games
Let's Watch the Sky !"

Let's Watch the Sky (2)
Dai Ju Jr. High School Area Observation
350 participants
Hiyoshidai Elementary School
More than 200 children and parents participated.
Goryo Community Center 
80 participants
Nyoze "Let's make telescopes!
Makita Community Center
More than 350 participants enjoyed.
Tsutsumi Elementary School
More than 300 children and parents joined.
About several hundreds people dropped by.
Ibaraki Shirakawa Elementary School in classes
We had two classes on astronomy in the general study education program

In addition to the above, we had many cances to deliver observation party like the following:
Abuno E.S. (Elementary School), Akutagawa E.S., Nanpeidai E.S., Matsubara E.S., Makita E.S., Kawanishi E.S.. Kanmuri E.S., Ohkanmuri E.S., Minami-ohkanmuri E.S., Juei E.S., Tsutsumi E.s., Yanagawa E.S., Takatsuki Dai-Ju Jr. High School Camping, Iha-Tove Free School, etc.

This volunteer group is organized by Keiko Chaki

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