From the comments of participants (Tsunoe Elementary School)
There are still more and more comments.

・ The Jupiter was beautiful.
・ The moon was so bright as glowing
・ We could see no less than three satellites (artificial). How fortunate!!
・ I was very impressed that many craters were seen clearly.
・ We could see many different telescopes from close range.
・ I was surprised to see the hand-made telescopes that we made were full-dress ones.
・ I thought the telescope making would be very difficult but not so hard for the lower graders.
・ It was impressive that we could see the real Jupiter through telescopes.
・ Many stars were seen through telescopes. I would like to keep watching the skies, summer sky, winter sky,.....and so on.
・ I was very surprised to see the stripes and satellites of the Jupiter.
・ The talk and the explanation about stars was interesting.
・ I had not paid attention to the moon or stars but I found them very interesting through the observation.
・ Thank you very much. Everything was very good.
・ Telescope making gave us parents and the children happy time, discussing this and that.
・ I don't have chances to make things with my children and this is a good opportunity to share the time. We had a very good time.
・ Making telescope was easy but the scope was much clearer and better than I thought it would be, which was so impressive.
・ The ring nebula was interesting.
・ The ring was mysterious and strange.
・ The Jupiter has many stars (she means satellites) !
・ We could see stars with very big telescopes.
・ Bill of the Swan.
・ I was surprised that the stars (He means cluster) near the tail of Scorpio were many and had various colors.
・ I was deeply impressed with stars and objects through telescopes.
・ I was surprised to see so many telescopes!
・ The close-up of the moon was awesome!
・ The color of the Jupiter.
・ We enjoyed very much.
・ The triangle of the summer!
・ The moon was huge!