Total Solar Eclipse 2009

This is the LONGEST total solar eclipse in this century. It will be observed on July 22, 2009.
The totality lasts so long as 6 minutes 39 seconds ! (at the maximum spot)
Don't miss it !

Here, I would like to introduce a little about the places in Japan we can see this spectacular show of this century.

Bonin Islands(Ogasawara), - Tokara Retto - Yakushima and AmamiOshima

By the courtesy of Xavier M. Jubier
(His original eclipse map is much more useful. Click here for it)
NASA's map provided by F. Espenak & J. Anderson
'O Shima' means 'Amami-Oshima'.

World map of Solar Eclipse Paths: 2001 - 2020
(Fred Espenak)

Yakushima and AmamiOhshima

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