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Bonin Islands

Ogasawara-Shoto are small islands lying in the Pacific Ocean, about 1000km south of Main Land (Honshu) of Japan along with submarine volcanos.

The maximum eclipse occurs only 100 km southeast of Bonin Islands. But it is in the midst of Pacific Ocean.
If you want to view this spectacular eclipse without seasick, Io-Jima and Kita-Io-Jima would be the best locations, though it is very difficult to make land in these islands.

So practically speaking, I do not recommend Iwo-Jima or Kita-Iwo-Jima for the observation spot.

Io-Jima (Iwo-Jima) <5minutes 13seconds>
1st contact : 10:01'04"(JST)
2nd : 11:25'27"
Maximum : 11:28'04"
3rd : 11:30'40"
4th : 12:52'45"

This small island is famous for its tragic history. It was a battle-ground in World War ll and thousands of remains are still under the ground here.
Now the whole island is thought to be a sacred, restricted and special place and it is hard even for Japanese to land on it.
There are tours to search and recover the remains corpses of the dead held by Iwo-Jima Association.
You also have to notice that it is the important military stronghold as the most southeast point of Japanese territory as you can see an airbase in the picture. So only the people of Japan Self Defense Force are living (staying) there and ordinary Japanese are not allowed to enter. You need particular permission!
Kita-Io-Jima (Kita-Iwo-Jima) <6min30sec>
1st : 10:00'40"
2nd : 11:21'00"
Max : 11:24'15"
3rd : 11:27'30"
4th : 12:51'40"

This island lies nearer to the center of the eclipse and since it does not have the same kind of restriction as Iwo-Jima, Kita-Io seems more preferable than Io-Jima.
BUT they say it rises up in the ocean, surrounded by bluffs and there seems small space at the shore, although it may be still enough for some people to view eclipse hopefully.(I do not know.) You should take account of the tide too.
There used to be people living there before the war but now it is uninhabited.
Besides it has a mountain which tends to make clouds over the island.
Also you need permission of Tokyo Metropolitan Government to land here because it is part of the national park.

Links to Kita-Io-Jima sites (All in Japanese but photos show what it is like)
HIRO, on the TV program report of NHK (photo on the top is Kita-Io)
Issei's Homepage
Akio Ishii Archaeology of Kita-IoJima

You cannot see total eclipse here but it is the base point to have some trips of eclipse viewing.. Every five days, a ferry called Ogasawara-Maru which contains 800 people come to this island from Tokyo, which is a long trip for 26 hours. This is the only regular ship to connect Bonin Islands and Main Land of Japan. Perhaps at the eclipse time, many ships will be chartered. You have to take some boats to go other islands such as Haha-Jima.
Haha-Jima (Mother-Island)
Only partial eclipse will be seen here too.
Haha-Jima is a narrow long island about 50km south of Chichijima and it takes about two hours by ferry from ChichiJima. .

Total Solar Eclipse 2009
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