Toyonaka Astronomical Association

Toyonaka Astronomical Association is a group that offers the citizens, especially the youth, the chances of the astronomical observation, and that aims to raise the concern for space and nature.

Let's enjoy looking at stars and planets. Anyone is welcome!  It will be put off the next day in case of rain.

 Augst 4  Ibuki  rain date: 5th - 8th  
 Sept. 21 Todoroki Park   
  Oct. 27 Ibuki 
  Nov. 7  Ninokiri Park
  Dec. 6  Ibuki
  Jan. 17 Ibuki  rain date: 18th - 20th
  Feb. 22 Teshima Park
  Mar. 22 Shounai G.S.    

The 21st Toyonaka Star Party in Nose was held successfully.
The former president Amazutsu was recognized from Osaka Prefecture Youth Development Conference
Our association was assumed that there was a large contribution in the youth health promotion through an astronomical activity. And our president received the award from the chairman of the Osaka Prefecture Youth Development Conference (governor)
Mini Star Party ended safely.

A volunteer is wanted !
The main activity of Toyonaka Astronomical Association is a voluntary work to go around elementary schools, and show children the stars with the telescope. The experiences and knowledge are unnecessary to become a member. The admission fee and the fee are none. However, big zeal and a little physical strength are necessary. Please contact us by E-mail