Double Double Stars ε(Epsilon) Lyra

Epsilon Lyra is one of the most famous multiple stars. It is located north east of Vega. It is recognized only one with your naked eyes but double with most binoculars and four with telescopes of high resolution of more than 100x, which made it called 'Double Double Stars'. Both Epsilon 1 and 2 are binary stars, going around each other, though the cyclic periods are long : Epsilon 1 takes 1165years and 2 takes 585years. You can judge the conditions of the sky and the telescopes through seeing this star.
It is one of my favorite stars.

North is down, South is up, East is right.
The left image leans about 10degree counterclockwise.
ε1 and 2 are at intervals of 209 degrees but it seems further than that on this image. It is strange.

ε(Epsilon) 2 Lyra
RA:18h44.4m Dec:+39.37
C : 5.23mag  :D 5.47mag
CD PA: 79.60°Distance : 2.34″

ε(Epsilon) 1 Lyra
RA :18h44.3m Dec:+39.40
A : 5.00mag  B : 6.01mag
AB  PA: 348.81°Distance : 2.54″

Pentax 105 SDHF + 3.8mm eyepiece Nikon D70
  22:10 - 22:40  25/5/2005
 About 10 shots were stacked.
 Exposures are from 0.1sec to 2.0sec.