Antares Occultation The companion star appeared alone!

Antares occultation occurred on March 31, 2005(JST). I was lucky enough to record the image with my cheap web camera.
Now that the report seems to become long, I should upload the images first, which people want to see.

Disappearance Windows media player file 339kb
Reappearance Windows media player file 1175kb
I found the tool of noise reduction so I tried it. It reduced the file size as well as the noise. Also the companion image seems a little dimmer. Please compare with the original one.
Noise reduced Reappearance Windows media player file only 261kb

Interesting was the reappearance as Antares is a binary star and has a 5th magnitude companion star which was discovered during the occultation in 1819. Since the companion is 2.7 arc seconds west of Antares, it reappears alone for 5 seconds before Antares.
It was definately spectacular.
I have to note and regret two points; as the companion appeared in the right corner, close to the edge, I mechanically moved the companion to the left as I usually center the object. I should have not done such things but I did and stopped on the way.
Please look at the images below, captured from the video. The companion image appears above the right arrow and moves to above the left arrow, stays for some seconds and then the bright Antares appears not instantly but it takes a little while (about 0.1 second). It is also interesting.
The companion appears just before the arrow appears. If you see the image several times, you can get the image easily.
One more regret is that I changed the magnification to watch the moon during the occultation and forgot to return.
Apr.4 : I arranged the arrows so that the occultation can be recognized more easily.
Apr.6 : The noise reduced reappearance file was uploaded.
Apr.7 : Check of the companion position.  Still image after occultation   Antares on the day before occultation

 1. Companion appreared   2. I moved the companion mechanically 3. I stopped the move.   
The moment Antares reappeared   The next moment of appearance   Last image   

I played a little.

This is just before (2frames before) the Antares-A reappears .
The companion is located above or a little left above of the arrow.
One more addition.

This is the image of 1 frame before the Antares-A reaapearance.
The right point of the companion looks bright a little.
It may be only some noise but could be Antres-A coming out. (hopefully)
This is the frame of the moment Antares-A reappears

You can see Antares is located to the right above of the arrow. That means the companion is on the left (west) of Antares-A. PA is indeed 273degree, meaning on the spot of a little northern west (a little below left)
I compositted the two images on the left but it does not come out well. Too bad. I need to learn more.
Still image
I took the normal picture while tidying up.
The focus was not good enough. The brightness of the two is too different, which made it difficult to decide the exposure time. So the limb of the moon is white-out. (I do not know how to express.) You can see the bigger image if you click the left image.

2005/03/31 02:14:08
1 / 80(秒)
Pentax 75SDHF(f=500mm) + Nikon D70
direct photographing
Antares on the day before the occultation.
Something like the blue companion seems to be on the left of Antares.
Click here or the image above for more information

equipment: Pentax 105 SDHF (f=700mm) + TMB Super Monocentric EP 8mm + ToUcam Pro
Guiding: Takahashi EM200 + Pentax75SDHF + Or9mmEP + GA4 guided with eyes
(I cannot use the polar-axis scope because the balcony is open only to the south.)
files for Windows Media Player 20 frames/second
disappearance;12 seconds 399kb
reappearance;9.3 seconds 1175kb
sky condition: transparency 1/5 seeing 2/5
place: Takatsuki Japan
direction: North is down under. East is right.
Antares-B: PA= 273.70  distance= 2.53"arc (at 2005.24 year)  5.4 magnitude  
Sorry. It may take time to download the files.

Antares 2


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